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Under what circumstances does the electric chain hoist need to stop working in time?

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If abnormal conditions or unknown faults are found during the use of the electric chain hoist, the operation must be stopped in time, and the operation of the electric hoist must be stopped immediately to avoid accidents. So under what circumstances should the electric chain hoist stop running immediately?

1. The weight of the lifting object is unclear or exceeds the rated load of the electric chain hoist;


2. The structure or components of the electric chain hoist are defective or damaged, which affects safe work, such as failure of the brake safety device, damage to the hook nut anti-loosening device, and damage to the wire rope.


3. The heavy objects lifted by the electric chain hoist are not firmly or unbalanced, and may slide, and there is no pad between the corners of the heavy objects and the wire rope;


4. When the lifted heavy objects are scattered and the binding is not firm, please evacuate the crowd immediately and stop the operation. (Before any lifting operation, it is forbidden for people to stay at will around the lifting)


5. The light at the work site is not clear, and it is impossible to accurately see the site, hanging objects and command signals;

When you use the electric chain hoist, you must stop the operation immediately when any of the above situations occurs. This is responsible for the safety of the construction operation and the safety of your own life. Manufacturers of electric chain hoists still want to remind everyone: for everyone's safety, we must take appropriate measures before lifting operations, do a good job in inspection and reporting before the operation, and reduce the occurrence of a series of hoisting operations. low-level error.





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