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Tips for cleaning up the sludge in the gap of electric chain hoist

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Some old customers who use electric chain hoists complain that it is very troublesome to clean up the chain hoist after use, and it is even more difficult to clean up the sludge impurities in some gaps after a period of use, but not cleaning it will affect the overall performance of the chain hoist.


In fact, cleaning the sludge in the gap of electric chain hoist is very simple as long as you master the method. The following is a simple and practical cleaning method introduced by vohoboo, the manufacturer of electric chain hoist:


There is dirt and dust in the gap of the chain hoist. We can put a few drops of oil in the gap. After a few minutes and wait for it to be fully soaked, we can tie the rag to a hard and thin object such as iron wire and forcefully clean the dirt and other dirt. Do not wash it with water to avoid the water entering the motor and burning the electric hoist.


The emergence of electric chain hoists has replaced some heavy wire rope electric hoists, which not only saves a lot of labor for our work, but also greatly improves our work efficiency, so it is very necessary to do maintenance work.





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