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Three situations that the electric hoist rope guide is easy to damage

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The rope guide is an important rope arranging device of the electric wire rope hoist. It can avoid the situation of tangled rope and is a wearing part. So what are the three situations where the electric hoist rope guide is easily damaged?

First, the rope guide problem

1. The quality of the rope guide.

2. The specifications of the rope guide and the wire rope and drum are not matched.

Second, the wire rope problem

1. The wire rope is damaged and bent, easy to jump.

2. When replacing the steel wire rope, the specifications of the electric hoist steel wire rope and the drum rope groove do not match. The buyer should consult the relevant specifications of the buyer in detail when replacing the steel wire rope to facilitate the replacement.

3. Improper operation, oblique pulling, crooked hanging

1. When the electric hoist is slanted, a lateral squeezing force is generated between the wire rope and the rope guide. Under this force, the rope guide is prone to displacement, and the screw driving the limiter also moves accordingly, causing the rise Advance or lag action occurs at the limit, which reduces efficiency and damages the rope guide.

2. In actual use, there are also a lot of operators who violate the regulations. The operation should be regulated. Oblique pulling and tilting are prohibited to reduce the damage of the rope guide.

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