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Three misunderstandings in the maintenance of cranes

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The maintenance work of the crane is very important, but some users often have some misunderstandings when carrying out maintenance on the crane, which leads to improper handling of maintenance and maintenance work, which causes very serious economic losses for us.

Below, let me introduce you to the specific three misunderstandings in the maintenance of cranes:

Misunderstanding 1. Many crane owners feel the problem of slowing down the speed of the crane. They are eager to go to the store to replace the three filters. Because the replacement requirements of the three filters are different, the crane three filters do not need to be replaced together, usually because of the three filters. The replacement requirements of the crane are not the same. The three filters of the crane do not need to be replaced together. From a professional point of view, the steam filter is usually replaced at 30,000 km, the filter is replaced at 5000 km, and the air filter can be replaced at 10,000 km. Replacement is a dross. If it is a car that can't be parked for a long time, you don't have to replace the three filters in full. You only need to replace the oil and machine filter.


Misunderstanding 2: The oil is added too slowly. Most owners don't know that too much or too little oil will affect the quality of the car. Many car owners know that the oil will not damage the crane, but did not expect too much oil will damage the car. If the oil is increased too much, it will form a strong agitation of the crankshaft and the big end of the connecting rod during the operation of the engine. This will only increase the loss of internal power of the engine, and it may happen because the oil splashed on the cylinder wall is particularly large. The phenomenon of burning oil.


Misunderstanding 3: Waxing is too frequent, often waxing the crane, although it will make the paint more shiny, but it will bring damage to the car. Because the car wax contains alkaline substances, long-term use will make the body become black.


When we are carrying out maintenance on the crane, it is necessary to avoid the above three misunderstandings, so as to avoid the maintenance and maintenance work of the crane can be carried out correctly and smoothly.





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