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The use and operation of the jib crane is rigorous.

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Although it is a relatively advanced and flexible mechanical device, it is easy to operate, but if it is not properly operated, it will affect the operation and even pose a safety threat. So pay attention to the following points.

1. The operator of the cantilever crane should strictly abide by the operating rules. Before each use of the cantilever crane, it should be carried out with no-load operation, and check whether the rotation, operation, lifting, limit and other mechanisms are normal. If abnormalities are found, the machine should be shut down for inspection. Put into use.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use the overload. When lifting heavy objects close to the rated load, the weight should be based on or estimated.

3. The bumper or baffle at both ends of the cantilever I-beam rail is only used for the unrestricted position. It is not allowed to use it as the normal parking method during normal operation, and it is not suitable for frequent collision.

4. The ropes that bind the heavy objects must have sufficient strength and the strapping is firm and reliable. The ropes should be wrapped around the sharp corners of the heavy objects. The ropes on the lifting hooks must not be in the center of the hooks. Slip off.

5. It is not allowed to tilt and hoist heavy objects. It is forbidden to use heavy lifting hooks to drag heavy objects along the ground or forcibly hoisting heavy objects buried underground. It is also not allowed to use the rotating arm of this machine for dragging or impacting work.

6. It is forbidden to ride people on the heavy objects that are lifted. Pedestrians are forbidden below.

7. When the work is finished or at rest, the heavy objects should not be suspended in the air for a long time to prevent permanent deformation of the mechanism.

8. Install some safety devices on the crane to avoid accidents and not to remove them frequently.

9. Sometimes in order to protect the equipment on the crane and avoid corrosion, it is necessary to periodically brush up the accumulation of the track and apply some anti-rust oil.

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