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The use and characteristics of mini electric hoist

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Micro electric hoist is a small single-phase electric hoist, also known as civil electric hoist. It is especially suitable for households in high-rise buildings to easily hoist daily necessities that are not convenient for manual handling from downstairs. It is also suitable for hoisting in various occasions. Unloading small pieces of goods, coupled with its easy installation and single-phase 220V as a power source, is very versatile.

Mini electric hoists are widely used in modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics transportation and other occasions such as machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and emerging industrial zones. It is an ideal tool for small and medium-sized machine tool processing parts, refrigerators, washing machine assembly lines, food production lines, slaughterhouses, small warehouses in shops, loggers, and masons. At the same time, small brackets are added, and cars can be used for small repairs and lifting of machinery, which has become an indispensable tool for households to upgrade temporary storage items.

After various technical improvements, the miniature electric hoist has flexible operability, small size, light weight, convenient installation and transportation, small and exquisite, reliable in use, great in function, and high in safety. The supporting hoisting motor adopts 220V single-phase power supply, which has wide practicability.

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