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The serious harm of the single beam bridge crane privately added electric hoist

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As one of the bridge cranes, the lifting mechanism of a single-beam bridge crane is an electric hoist, but when the user finds that an electric hoist can't meet the requirements of use, he wants to use the original foundation of a single-beam bridge crane. An electric hoist is added on top.


However, this idea was rejected by professionals, on the one hand, because the user cannot modify the crane without permission, and, on the other hand, because the processing of electric hoist may bring huge safety risks to the crane, and easily cause various safety accidents.


In people's consciousness, it is believed that as long as an electric hoist is installed in a single-beam bridge crane, it can become a double electric hoist crane. As everyone knows, when two electric hoists work, their total weight may exceed the rated lifting capacity of the crane itself, which may cause the crane's main beam to bend and deform, or even fall.


If it is a double electric hoist crane, a safety device to prevent collisions is usually installed between the electric hoists during production to ensure the safety of the equipment. However, if the enterprise installs it privately, there may be no such device. When the electric hoist is running, there is a danger of collision between the two, which will cause a production accident.


After the electric hoist is privately installed, the original control system in the single-beam bridge crane will also fail to meet the requirements for use after the transformation, thereby seriously reducing the crane's safety performance. If the operation is not careful, various accidents can easily damage the equipment and even cause personal injury.


And we should correctly realize that the installation of electric hoist with single-beam bridge crane belongs to the scope of crane transformation. Before construction, a transformation plan needs to be formulated, and relevant procedures must be completed and accepted before it can be put into operation, otherwise it will not be approved.


It can be seen that after the single-beam bridge crane is retrofitted with an electric hoist, it should meet the basic requirements of overload prevention, collision safety, and linkage conversion to avoid hidden safety hazards during the transformation.





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