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The safety hazard of the crane during the hoisting project!

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1. The lifting machinery shall be selected according to the requirements of the construction plan. After being transported to the site for reassembly, the test operation test and acceptance shall be carried out, and the requirements shall be confirmed and recorded and signed. After the crane has been inspected, it can be used continuously and must have a permit issued by the relevant municipal departments on a regular basis;

2. The crane should be "ten not hanging";

3. the crane should avoid walking with load, if you need to travel with short distance, the load should not exceed 70% of the allowable lifting weight, the component should not be more than 50mm from the ground, and the member should be turned to the front, pull the rope, control components Swing

4. The strength of the concrete prefabricated components during transportation is not less than 75% of the design concrete. The support position and method of the components during transportation should be set according to the designed lifting (mat) points, and should not cause super stress and use of components. damage. Separate transport members must be separated by partitions or studs. The upper and lower sills shall be kept on the same vertical line. The number of bolsters shall conform to the design requirements to avoid the members being folded; the transportation roads shall have sufficient width and turning radius;

5. the lifting point should be selected on the same vertical line as the center of gravity of the weight, and the lifting point should be above the center of gravity, so that the heavy object is vertically hoisted, and it is strictly prohibited to slant;

6. Safety control points for electric shock accidents: When using slewing lighting for lifting operations, the voltage must not exceed 36V.

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