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The safety function of electric hoist low voltage control circuit

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In the past, there were roughly two situations in the electrical circuit of a hoist crane. One is that the main circuit and the control circuit have the same voltage, both of which are 380V (or 220V). The other is that the main circuit has a different voltage from the control circuit, the main circuit voltage is 380V (or 220V), and the low voltage circuit used by the control circuit is a safe voltage (36V or 42V).

Most hoist cranes adopt the ground operation form of the flashlight door, and there is no fixed operator, and the operator directly shakes the switch door. If the safe voltage is not used, once the flashlight door or cable leaks, the operator will get an electric shock. Accidents causing personal injury or death.

For safety reasons, currently, the new standards and inspection regulations require that the control circuit of the flashlight door must be a safe low-voltage circuit (50V).

The operation of electric hoist is unique. Ground operation is the main operation, and the operation in the driver's cab is few. In addition, there are other operation methods such as remote control.

The electric hoist has simple structure and convenient operation, especially the ground operation is more simple and convenient. Therefore, there are often non-specially trained personnel who directly operate and use the phenomenon. There is no full-time operator to use hoist cranes on the ground. What's more, ground operators often have multiple roles, and they are both operating, sling, and The task of command, the hidden dangers of insecurity brought about by all this are bound to increase. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the reasonable division of labor, to be familiar with the operating procedures, and to ensure safe lifting.





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