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The reason for the sudden stop in the work of the chain hoist

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The chain hoist body is beautiful in appearance, strong and durable, and all internal gears have been quenched at high temperature, which increases the wear resistance and toughness of the gear. Now it is more and more widely used. The following editor will give you a brief introduction to the work of the chain hoist. The reason for the sudden stop:

First consider the poor contact of the slider. When the chain hoist passes through the sliding contact line interface, the chain hoist often stops suddenly. In severe cases, the motor will be burned due to the lack of phase. Due to factors such as the quality of the sliding wire and the site environment, the plastic shell of the sliding wire is fragile and deformed seriously during transportation and installation, which increases the difficulty of installing the sliding wire. The slip line and the slip line interface are prone to misalignment, resulting in poor contact and lack of phase or power failure when the collector passes through the interface, and the chain hoist suddenly stops.

Second consideration is the current collector, the built-in spring supports the sliding carbon brush in contact with the sliding wire. Environmental factors such as rain in coastal areas and high air humidity, springs are prone to corrosion and failure, resulting in poor contact between the carbon brush and the sliding line. However, there is a chamfer in the position of the carbon brush contact. When the carbon brush passes through the uneven sliding line interface, the chain hoist cannot pass through the interface due to the small inertia of the chain hoist, resulting in poor contact of one phase of the current collector.

After considering the use of chain hoist. When the chain hoist hoisting equipment is used irregularly, various skewed and slanting cranes appear. The chain hoist is inclined due to the force, which causes the current collector to deviate from the normal track, resulting in poor contact between the current collector and the slip wire and lack of phase or open circuit. The chain hoist suddenly stops. In severe cases, the motor is often burned due to lack of phase.

In order to eliminate the bad situation of the current collector and the sliding contact wire, we first strengthen the position of the sliding wire interface to ensure that the interface is flat as much as possible; secondly, replace the rusty spring of the current collector, and at the same time polish the carbon brush contacts to make the contacts smoother. Eliminate the uneven gap caused by the sliding wire interface, and ensure that the contacts can effectively contact the sliding wire copper rail. The latter is to strengthen the technical explanation of the personnel of the chain hoist and use the chain hoist correctly and standardized.

The above is the reason why the chain hoist suddenly stopped working. I hope the above content will help you use the chain hoist.





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