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The method of adjusting Ring chain Hoist Brake

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The link chain hoist motor protector has been developed from the mechanical type to the electronic and intelligent type in the past. It not only reduces the damage of the motor, but also greatly facilitates the fault judgment, which is beneficial to the fault treatment of the production site and shortens the recovery time of production. So how to adjust the brake of the chain hoist? Let's take a look at the following. You should have the answer you want. 
Brake adjustment method: 
Adjusting the brake must be carried out in the case of unloading. 
(1) Remove the brake end cover. 
(2) In order to adjust the amount of movement in the range of 0.6~1.5mm, according to the measured value, the adjustment gasket is relatively reduced (the adjustment gasket is 0.5mm). When adjusting the gasket, it is necessary to ensure that the number of upper and lower gaskets is absolutely equal, and pay attention to the removal of dirt between the gaskets. 
(3) Check the axial movement, and measure the distance between the shaft end and the end cover of the motor, that is, the difference of the measured size between the end face of the motor brake and the working position of the motor should be in the range of 0.6~1.5mm.If the measured amount of movement is close to the 3mm, the brake must be adjusted. 
(4) tighten the rear end cover evenly with four inner angle nuts. 
(5) check again after the adjustment is completed, so that the amount of movement is between 0.6~1.5mm. 
The ideal chain hoist motor protector is not many functions, nor the so-called advanced, but should meet the actual needs of the field, achieve the unity of economy and reliability, and have a high ratio of performance to price.

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