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The main advantages of variable frequency electric hoist

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With the maturity of frequency conversion technology and the development of related control technologies, the use of frequency conversion control technology for electric hoists has been quite common in foreign countries. For example, the output of Japan's Mitsubishi inverter electric hoist has accounted for 50% of the total output of hoist. The development of frequency conversion hoist, after a series of processes such as inspection, summary, improvement and repetitive cycle, has successfully introduced the variable frequency electric hoist to the market.

The main advantage

(1) Reduce the starting and braking impact

Due to the continuity of the inverter during acceleration and deceleration, the output speed change is continuous, which makes the variable frequency electric hoist run smoothly and can reduce the impact during starting and braking. It is especially suitable for the installation of precision molds and other conditions that do not allow vibration.

(2) Set the lifting speed as required

The variable frequency electric hoist can set the lifting speed between VE/10~VE, so you can choose a reasonable speed to meet the user's requirements.

(3) Improve work efficiency

When no load is available, the lifting speed can be set between VE and 1.5 VE to increase the lifting speed at no-load to improve work efficiency.

(4) Conveniently set the running speed of the trolley

The frequency conversion control of the running motor through the frequency converter can make the motor run at a slight speed, improve the accuracy of one positioning, and can perform jog control to reduce the shaking when the load is lifted.

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