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The installation link of electric chain hoist is the basis for the progress of the later work

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The electric chain hoist is mainly composed of a reducer, a running mechanism, a reel device, a hook device and a coupling. It has the advantages of light weight, small size, compact structure, stable operation and simple operation. its installed?


  First, before hoisting, the installer needs to strictly check whether the electric chain hoist hoisting system and the reducer meet the requirements, and also need to check whether they are injected with lubricating oil according to the regulations, and whether the traveling mechanism is smeared with grease;


  Second, the installer needs to strictly check whether the electrical control box is configured with wires in strict accordance with the regulations, and check whether the insulation performance of the hoisting motor and the traveling motor meets the regulations;


  Third, strictly check whether the fixed end of the wire rope meets the regulations and whether the competition block is firm.


  Fourth, the installer needs to check whether the wiring of the control wire meets the regulations, and also check whether the button is fastened with a wire rope;


  Fifth, paint the hooks with yellow and black paint in strict accordance with the regulations to avoid rust problems on the hooks. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the safety equipment of the hooks is missing;


  Sixth, it is necessary to ensure the match between the chain and the gear, and the tightness of the bolts must also be ensured;


  Seventh, the installer needs to choose suitable anti-collision equipment, and install the ascending and descending limit switches correctly.


  After the electric chain hoist is installed according to the above process, a series of inspections and debugging are required, such as the adjustment of the clearance, the movement of the motor spindle, and the adjustment of the fire limiter. After the adjustment is completed, a trial hoisting is required before it can be put into production.





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