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The important maintenance component of electric chain hoist - chain

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The electric chain hoist is composed of multiple parts, among which the chain is one of the important parts. Regular maintenance is one of the indispensable links in the use of electric chain hoists, but the maintenance will also be divided according to the weight of the components. Today We will give a detailed introduction to the key maintenance component - the chain.


The chain is the main load-bearing component of the electric chain hoist, so it plays an important role. It requires users to focus on maintenance to ensure the shape and performance of the chain itself, which is beneficial to the user's lifting work.


The maintenance of the chain should be cyclic and gradual, so that it can be effective from the outside to the inside, so that the chain can be maintained in a good state, the overall performance advantages are retained, and the lifting work can be carried out smoothly, and there will be no chain jams, abnormal sounds, and breaks. situation occurs.


The key maintenance chain ultimately benefits the user. Maintenance prolongs its service life, and the user can use it for a longer time to work, reducing the financial expenditure of replacing the chain. It can be seen that the effect of maintenance is greater.


The above is our introduction to the maintenance of the electric chain hoist chain. We hope that users will know which parts are the key points of maintenance, which will be helpful to your use and the overall performance of the electric hoist.





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