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The difference between European and traditional cranes

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There are many kinds of crane classification methods. The Chinese local cranes use the standard of my Ross. The other production standards are EU standards. We collectively refer to European cranes.

What is the difference between the two, we start from the characteristics of the two cranes.

1. Comparison of main structure features

1). European crane

The main beam adopts a box beam structure with reasonable structure and higher strength. The hoist is firmly combined with the lower flange of the main beam, and there is no hidden danger.

Increase the effective lifting height, thus increasing the effective working space. The clearance can be up to 1.5 meters; the wheel pressure is reduced and the bearing beam is reduced.

2) . Traditional crane

Due to the hoist and design, only the traditional under-beam I-beam structure can be used. The structure is unreasonable and the utilization rate is low. The combination of the hoist and the lower flange of the main beam leads to a high incidence of detachment accidents.

2. Space size characteristics

1) European crane

The appearance is light and beautiful, in line with the modern industrial aesthetic. The plant space is effectively utilized, the limit distance between the hooks and the wall surfaces on both sides is small, and the clearance height is low; the layout planning of the existing plant is more flexible, and the new plant can be designed to be smaller and more complete.

2) Traditional crane

The appearance is thick and heavy. The vertical dimension is large and the effective working area is small. In the same plant structure, space utilization is low.

3. Volume size

1) European crane

The driving height is the lowest and the dead weight is the smallest. The actual performance brought to the customer is to reduce the height of the new plant, the low standard of the bearing beam load, and the low standard of the plant structure.

Through the product structure innovation, the selection of new materials and new processes, the products have the characteristics of low cost, light weight, good wind resistance and stable operation.

Processing conditions are superior to traditional cranes, ensuring quality product quality through advanced processing equipment and manufacturing processes.

2) Traditional crane

The highest height and the highest weight.

4. Comparison of operation and maintenance costs

1) European crane

The power consumption of the whole machine is small, the power is less, the quality is reliable, and the failure rate is low during the correct use process, which can minimize the loss caused by the equipment failure and also save the equipment maintenance cost.

2) Traditional crane

The power of the whole machine is large, and the running cost and power consumption are high. During the use of the vehicle, the short life of the parts due to the cost limitation is high, and the failure rate is high, which is prone to production loss and maintenance and replacement costs.





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