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The chain electric hoist manufacturer teaches you how to choose an electric hoist

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As a manufacturer of electric chain hoists, we have a deeper understanding of electric hoists than most people would understand. Nowadays, electric chain hoists are everywhere in the market, and as a customer, we want to choose a high-quality electric hoist. High-quality products are even more difficult. Many inferior products are mixed. This makes it more difficult for consumers to choose. Therefore, we need a pair of eyes to identify good and bad. Today we will start from the following details Here is a suggestion for you to select high-quality electric chain hoists.


1. First of all, check the appearance of the electric chain hoist. The exterior workmanship must be fine, the painting must be uniform, and the external structure must be fine enough. If a manufacturer even makes the appearance rough, then you can imagine the internal performance. It won't be any better, we look at the overall appearance and carefully check whether it reaches the level of craftsmanship.


2. Different raw materials have very different effects on the performance of the equipment, so the performance of the material directly affects the overall performance of the equipment.


3. During the purchase process, the user will make a preliminary judgment on the performance of the raw materials in some of the more obvious welding joints, in addition to checking whether some welding processes are good.


4. After the external inspection, check the compactness and tightness of each accessory step by step, whether the assembly process between the equipment components is tight, etc. If the equipment components are assembled relatively rough, the failure rate is relatively high. big. 





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