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The advantages of the chain electric hoist and the maintenance work that should be done

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As a kind of current lifting operation equipment, the chain electric hoist has been widely used in industry and manufacturing. So what are the advantages of the electric hoist? What problems should we pay attention to during the use? In this article, let's make a specific understanding.

<1> The advantages of chain electric hoist

1. Light weight

Compared with other types of hoist cranes, the weight of the chain hoist is greatly reduced. This advantage makes it easier to load and unload the equipment. It can change the placement of the equipment according to the actual operation needs, which increases the lifting operation. The flexibility is suitable for various operating occasions.

2. High safety performance

The operating voltage of the chain electric hoist can be converted between 24V and 48V, which can reduce the cost of electricity while ensuring the efficiency of lifting operations.

This kind of hoist equipment also adopts an anti-leakage treatment mechanism, which can ensure the integrity of the equipment when the hoist leakage and short circuit occur, reducing the damage of the damaged results.

3. Double brake system

An obvious difference between the chain hoist and ordinary hoist lifting equipment Even if the double brake system is adopted, the operation of the hoist crane is more flexible, the braking time is extremely short, and the stability of the fuselage can be ensured when the equipment is emergency braked .

4. Emergency switch setting

Electric chain hoist also adopts emergency switch design. When all other safety systems of the equipment fail, the emergency switch can be turned on to stop the operation of the equipment. In addition, the emergency switch is designed in an area away from the equipment, and the operator can perform emergency shutdown on the equipment while away from the equipment, ensuring the personal safety of the operator.

<2> Maintenance matters of electric hoist

1. Regularly add grease

The hoist lifting equipment consumes a large amount of lubricating grease in daily use, so the lubricating grease should be placed on the equipment to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly. Lubricating grease can also effectively reduce the degree of wear of the transmission parts and extend the service life of the equipment.

2. Idle before starting

Hoist crane equipment should be idling before operation, preheating the machine, and then lifting, which can greatly extend its service life.





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