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Ten kinds of gantry cranes can't hang things

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(1) Exceeding the load; the weight of the object cannot be lifted when it exceeds the load of the crane;

(2) The light is dim and does not hang, the weight is unknown;

(3) The slings and accessories are not firmly tied, and the safety requirements are not met; the objects to be lifted must be fixed firmly to avoid falling in the middle;

(4) The heavy objects in the driving crane are not directly hoisted during processing; the heavy objects in the lifting can not be processed. If processing is to be carried out, the heavy objects should be grounded.

(5) If the items to be lifted are not neatly arranged, the driver cannot operate the crane.

(6) When the workpiece or the workpiece is placed on the workpiece, the movable object is not suspended; when there is a movable object on the workpiece, there is a great safety hazard, and the machine cannot be operated at this time.

(7) Oxygen bottles, acetylene generators, etc. have explosive articles that are not hoisted; explosive materials have potential safety hazards.

(8) Objects with angular edges and block mouths have not been padded (to prevent the wire rope from being worn or cut) from hanging;

(9) Objects buried in the ground have not taken measures to lift them; objects buried in the ground cannot be lifted because there are many unknown conditions;

(10) The command signal is unknown, the illegal command is not hoisted, and the driver must strictly observe the command when operating the crane.





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