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Summary of three common problems of electric hoist

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It is common for electric hoists to encounter problems in use, but this is not to say that the quality of electric hoists is not good, but that some human factors play a decisive role in it. The editor summarized the three common problems of electric hoist, so that we can understand and make corresponding countermeasures in time.

There are six main reasons for electric hoist leakage: the equipment interface is unqualified, and there are wires leaking; the power cord is not maintained, and protective measures are not taken, causing the protector to leak; the wiring is chaotic, and the electric hoist wire is mixed with other equipment. The circuit is complicated, and sparks may appear in severe cases; the working environment is humid, which is the same as the principle of not touching the power switch with wet hands. The motor is extremely prone to leakage in a very humid environment, which may cause electric shock to the operator; the power supply connected to the device is Defects, some users did not install the corresponding neutral wire in accordance with national regulations when selecting the power supply, or the power supply was installed reversely, so it is easy to cause leakage during use; the power cord is damaged, and the electric hoist works outdoors for a long time. Rinse with rain and sun exposure, each complete power cord is protected by an insulating layer. Every power cord is a conductor. When the insulating layer is damaged, there will be leakage, which is a behavior that is prone to leakage. .

Unhooking occurs in the use of electric hoist. The hook is one of the important parts in the lifting operation of the electric hoist. It is the part that directly contacts the lifting goods. Therefore, the hook binding work before the goods is lifted is very important. If the binding is improper or the hook is not available If the hook is done well, it is easy to be unhooked or slipped during the lifting process, which will cause the cargo to fall dangerously, so be very careful when installing the hook.

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