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Summarize the technical requirements of cranes

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Lifting equipment can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, lifts, cranes and overhead monorail systems according to different structures. Light and small lifting equipment mainly includes lifting tackle, spreader, jack, manual hoist, electric hoist, etc. The technical requirements for hoist cranes are as follows:

1. In order to prevent the hazard accidents caused by the inertial force caused by the hanging objects and the equipment on the ground, it is required to return to the zero position once before starting the cart and then quickly follow the trend when the crane is swinging forward The one-time driving method can eliminate the swing of the hanging objects. For heavy loads, the effect of this method is extremely significant, as a construction of stable starting and driving stability.

2. In order to prevent the hanging objects from swinging when parking, the operator is required to master the running characteristics of the cart and the braking stroke distance, and the power should be returned to zero at a suitable distance before the pre-stop position, so that the car will stop after braking and sliding. If operated properly, it will be stable and accurate.

3. It is strictly forbidden to press two buttons at the same time and use the remote control with gloves.

4. Except in emergency situations, it is strictly forbidden to use the reverse brake to stop.





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