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Summarize the structural characteristics of the main components of the explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist

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Explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist has compact structure, light weight, small volume and large lifting capacity. When the workshop is filled with explosive mixtures, it is a powerful tool to improve working conditions and increase labor productivity under the premise of ensuring safety, so it becomes a necessary mechanical equipment in a reasonable process. Structural features of main components of explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist:

Reducer: It is a three-stage cylindrical gear reducer. The gears and shafts are made of high-quality alloy steel and are manufactured with precision workmanship. All are equipped with rolling bearings. The shell is made of high-quality cast iron, which is processed by a machining center, and the assembly is tight, and dust is not easy to invade.

Hoisting device: The reel is made of cast iron or thick-walled seamless steel pipe, placed in a steel shell and connected to the reducer with a spline hole, and the other end is connected to the motor end cover with a rolling bearing. The shell is rolled with steel plate. The wire rope is wound according to the thread groove on the drum, the rope is arranged by the rope guide, and the fire limit switch is driven by the stop block to ensure that the lifting motor power supply is cut off in time when the hook reaches the upper and lower limit positions; the rope end uses a rope pressing plate, It is fastened to the drum by bolts. When removing and replacing the wire rope, only the rope guide needs to be dismantled, no need to dismantle the outer shell, which is convenient for maintenance.

Operating mechanism: The operating mechanism of this series of explosion-proof electric hoist adopts electric trolley. Its reducer gear is made of high-quality steel, and after heat treatment, all adopt rolling bearings. When the lifting height is large, the operating mechanism and the lifting mechanism adopt joints. The bearing is connected to ensure flexible operation, small turning radius, convenient use, and long life. The I-beam track applicable to the operating mechanism should be selected according to the GB706-88 standard.

Hook: It is made of high-quality carbon steel and is supported by a single-row rolling thrust bearing on the lifting beam, which can rotate and swing freely. 0.5-5t adopts single pulley type hook device, 10t adopts double pulley type hook device, and the hook tail adopts a card board structure, which makes it easy to disassemble. When the convenience level is dIICT4, the hook head is made of stainless steel (or stainless steel package).

Stopper: In order to prevent the hook from exceeding the ascending limit position, causing the wire rope to be broken, or exceeding the limit value when descending, and the rope guide and the rope press will meet the opponent's squeeze damage and cause the wire rope to fall off the drum Lifting height limiter to ensure that when the hook reaches the upper and lower limit positions, the power supply of the lifting motor is cut off in time, that is, the limit rod is forced to move through the rope guide, and the lifting switch is cut off to ensure safety.

Explosion-proof motor: a totally enclosed cone-rotor asynchronous motor specially manufactured. The large torque of the explosion-proof motor is 2-3 times that of the full load to adapt to the direct start of the explosion-proof electric hoist when it continues to work. The running explosion-proof motor of this series of explosion-proof electric hoist has its own brake. When the motor is powered off, the explosion-proof electric hoist can be stopped in a short time. The shell material of the explosion-proof motor used for the operation of the hoist is made of HT200 high-grade cast iron. After processing, a 1 minute water pressure test is carried out. The terminal in the junction box is made of No. 4220 arc resistant compression plastic powder.




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