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Summarize the safety essentials of electric chain hoist

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Electric chain hoist can be installed on suspended I-beams, flexible rails, cantilever guide rails and fixed lifting points to transfer goods. It can also be used in low workshops and places that are not suitable for erecting bridge cranes, and the volume of wire rope electric hoists Use in oversized places. Chain electric hoist has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient use, safe and durable, etc. It is an ideal tool for lifting goods, loading and unloading workpieces, and repairing equipment. The safety essentials of electric chain hoist are as follows:

1. Operate after memorizing the contents on the instruction manual and nameplate.

2. Please adjust the upper and lower limit stop blocks before lifting the object.

3. Please confirm whether the brake condition is reliable before use.

4. If the following abnormal conditions are found in the wire rope before use, never operate it.

(1) Bending, deformation, corrosion, etc.

(2) The degree of rupture of the wire rope exceeds the specified requirements and the wear is large.

5. When hoisting objects, no people are allowed around or under the objects to prevent heavy objects from falling off and causing personal injury.

6. The machine should be kept properly, and don't pile it up to prevent bumps, moisture, and rust. Once a crack is found in the fuselage, it is strictly forbidden to continue using it.

7. The casing of the machine should be grounded reliably to prevent electric shock.

8. If there is abnormal sound, speed change, control failure and other abnormal phenomena during work, stop using it immediately.

9. When the ambient temperature is lower than 10, the ultimate load shall not be greater than 50% of the rated load of the machine.

10. The power supply voltage is not less than 90% of the rated voltage.

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