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Summarize the power lifting system of electric hoist climbing frame

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The power lifting equipment of the electric hoist climbing frame is mainly electric hoist lifting, hydraulic lifting, and reducer extension screw lifting.

The electric hoist uses a disc motor of the S2 working standard. Under the requirement that the temperature rise is not greater than 90K, the motor must be naturally cooled after 25 minutes of continuous operation (shortened summer time) (the motor has no cooling fan), otherwise the temperature rise will Over 90K, the life of the motor is shortened. At the same time, the internal reduction mechanism of the electric hoist is lubricated with yellow grease. After the summer, the yellow grease on the gear basically melts, the gear meshes without lubrication, the wear is increased, and the life is shortened. When the yellow grease is too much, After melting, it will enter the motor brake disc, which will cause the brake disc to fail and fail to meet the requirements of the frame to stop at any position. There are basically three forms of electric hoist in the use of climbing frame:

The electric hoist is hanging: This use state requires that after each lifting of the frame, the electric hoist needs to be moved one floor high and the chain is extended. It requires more than 3 workers to operate at the same time. It takes 15 minutes for each machine to go smoothly. , The labor intensity of workers increases. At the same time, because the load control system adopted is a tension sensor, it is easy to damage the signal line of the tension sensor in the process of moving the electric hoist.

Electric hoist upside down: The electric hoist must be upside down to increase the length of the chain. At the same time, it must have a mechanism to adjust the chain tension. After the electric hoist chain is tensioned, ensure that the three hanging points of the upper, lower and wall support are in a straight line. Once dirt enters the junction of the sprocket and the chain during the process, it will cause chain jamming and chain biting, causing the chain to break and posing safety hazards.

The electric hoist is hung on the frame: the electric hoist is hung inside the frame, and a pulley and a sufficiently long wire rope must be installed at the bottom of the frame. The hanging contact of the frame needs to increase the strength. Therefore, this method forms a single-row force on the frame. It is very easy to cause the deformation factors of the guide rail of the frame body. The steel wire rope is used to tie the lifting frame body. The wire rope and the pulley are constantly rubbing and bending. The staff needs to check the condition of the wire rope frequently, which increases the labor and unstable factors.

Hydraulic lifting uses hydraulic pumps and hydraulic jacks, which need to be matched with corresponding hydraulic stations. Hydraulic jack rods are expensive to manufacture, costing more than a few thousand yuan per machine, and high maintenance costs. Because it is only a single lifting device, it should be A separate anti-fall device is required.

The reducer and screw lifting equipment is equipped with a screw that is not less than twice the height of the floor for the nut and worm reducer. The screw needs to be heat treated and the manufacturing cost is high. The cost of each machine is more than 7000 yuan, and the maintenance cost is high. Transportation and installation The screw also needs to be equipped with a retractable protective cover, which has poor anti-pollution ability. Because it is only a single lifting device, it should be equipped with a separate anti-falling device.

The electric hoist used in the climbing frame system is the DHP type electric chain hoist, also known as the group hoist, the climbing frame electric hoist, and the welding tank electric hoist. It is a slow and suitable for group hoisting.




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