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Summarize the lifting requirements of electric hoists

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The hoisting of electric hoist is very simple. Many people can say that they can learn it in one go. However, in the use requirements, professional personnel are required to operate, because there may be dangers of one kind or another in the use of electric hoists. To avoid these dangers When lifting, the lifting must be carried out in strict accordance with the lifting requirements:

1. When lifting heavy objects, after confirming that the heavy objects can be lifted, try to lift the heavy objects 80-150mm from the ground. Check whether the braking distance of the test hoist meets the regulations. Generally, the braking distance does not exceed 80cm. When the sliding distance is more than 80 mm, stop, clean the sludge on the brake disc, and adjust the brake clearance.

2. When lifting heavy objects, the operator should always pay attention to checking the use of the brake.

3. During the lifting process, if the motor is hot or the sound is abnormal, stop and check immediately, and use it after troubleshooting.

4. During the lifting process, it is not allowed to press two buttons that make the motor forward and reverse at the same time to prevent short circuit of the power supply.

5. When the electric hoist is not stopped, no objects are allowed to be taken.

6. During the lifting process, no one is allowed under the electric hoist.

7. No lifting is allowed without safety measures such as safety hooks.

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