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Summarize the electric hoist hoisting process

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The electric hoist is composed of a running part and a lifting mechanism. The running part is mainly composed of a running trolley and a running motor. The lifting mechanism is mainly composed of a lifting motor, a coupling, a reducer, a hollow shaft, a drum, a wire rope, a hook, etc. Device composition. The process flow of electric hoist hoisting is as follows:

Before hoisting, a warning zone is established for the hoisting area and the guards maintain the hoisting level. The hoisting personnel will make processing reports, unify the hoisting signals, and use the signals to ensure the coordination of various operations and achieve safe construction. The operation signal should be implemented in the "Hoisting and hoisting lifting workers use walkie-talkie and gestures for hoisting tasks. The command signal transmission procedure is: commander in chief, appointed commander, and operator.

The hoist operator should check whether the operating conditions meet the requirements before operating, check the obstacles that affect the lifting operation, check the status of the counterweight, and determine the status of the hoists various types of equipment; check whether the magnification of the hook, wire rope and pulley group matches the hoisted object ;; Check the technical condition of the hoist, especially the working device of the safety protection device. At the same time, observe whether the status of each part is normal, whether the upper and lower pulley blocks are securely fixed, whether the steel wire rope is correctly inserted into the pulleys of the pulley block; whether the two inverted chain hanging points of the upper replacement coiler are firmly attached. Normal operations can be performed only when the functions of each part are normal.

The total length of the electric hoist is 3.1M. After the hook is fixed in the middle position, the weight of the two ends is basically the same. Use two 3T * 6M slings to fix the two ends of the electric hoist at an angle of about 60° and find the lifting point that balances the hanging parts. After finding the lifting point, check the lashing of each part, and tie the slip rope (hemp rope) after the check is correct.





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