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Structural performance of electric wire rope hoist

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The wire rope electric hoist consists of a cone rotor motor, a reducer, a reel device, a coupling, a rope guide, a hook device, an electric trolley, a drive device, and electrical appliances. Each component can be relatively independent in structure, and maintenance and adjustment are convenient.

1. The three-phase AC cone-rotor motor is the motive power for hoisting, and the three-phase AC cone-rotor motor is the motive power of the electric trolley. The rotor and stator are both cone-shaped structures.

2. The structure of the conical rotor motor has the characteristic of generating axial magnetic pull. The brake friction plate 4 is installed on the fan brake wheel 3, and the lock nut 2 and screw 1 fasten the fan brake wheel to the motor rotor shaft. rear end. When starting, the magnetic pulling force overcomes the pressure of the spring 4, so that the fan brake wheel integrated with the rotor and the rotor produces axial displacement, the brake ring is separated from the rear cover 6, and the rotor rotates freely (that is, working state). After the power is cut off, the magnetic pulling force disappears. Under the action of the pressure spring, the fan brake wheel and the end cover are braked tightly, and the braking effect is obtained by relying on the friction force generated by the conical ring surface. When braking under rated load, the sliding distance of the heavy object should not exceed 1/100 of the lifting speed, otherwise, it should be adjusted. When adjusting, loosen the screw 1 and tighten the lock nut 2 to increase the pressure of the spring 5 and obtain a larger braking torque. The adjustment gap C is generally 1.5 mm. It can be measured by repeatedly starting and observing the axial movement of the motor shaft.

3. The reducer adopts a cylindrical helical gear three-stage reduction, the driving device adopts a cylindrical spur gear two-stage reduction, and the gear and gear shaft are made of alloy steel and have been heat treated. The shell is made of cast iron, tightly assembled, and dust is not easy to invade.

4. The MD1 electric hoist is the same as the CD1 electric hoist except that the hoisting motor is replaced with a double motor unit. The dual-motor unit is composed of a main hoisting motor, a slow hoisting motor and a slow driving device. When the main hoisting motor is working, because the slow hoisting motor is not connected to the power, it is in the braking state, the slow driving device does not move, and the electric hoist runs quickly. When the slow-speed hoisting motor is working, the slow-speed driving device drives the cone rotor of the main hoisting motor to rotate. At this time, the main hoisting motor is in a braking state when the electric hoist is not connected, and the electric hoist runs at a slow speed, thus producing two hoisting speeds.

5. The wire rope is wound in the rope groove of the drum, and the rope end is fastened to the drum with a rope pressing plate. When replacing the wire rope, only need to start the motor so that the bolts of the rope pressing plate can be removed from the gap of the drum shell.





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