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Structural characteristics of electric chain hoist

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Electric chain hoist is an indispensable lifting tool in lifting operations. It is deeply loved by customers. The following electric chain hoist manufacturers will tell you about the structural characteristics of electric chain hoists:


Shell: Aluminum alloy shell, solid and light. There are special heat sinks, the heat dissipation is fast, it can be used continuously, and the efficiency is up to 40%. The overall closed structure can be used in chemical plants, electroplating plants and other places.


Pound Magnetic Brake: The latest design of the magnetic generator, its characteristic is to produce magnetism. It can brake at the same time when the power is cut off to ensure that the brakes are absolutely safe when the weight is dropped.


A safety tongue is attached when rotating to ensure safe operation.


Support frame: The lifting support frame is composed of two steel plates, which is very strong.


Transformer: 24V/36V transformer device. During operation, in case of leakage, it can prevent accidents, and even ensure safe use when it rains.


Electromagnetic contactor: High-efficiency electromagnetic contactor, which can be used frequently and without problems.


Reverse phase protection device: a special point-line device, when the power connection is wrong, the control circuit cannot operate.


Button switch: Use waterproof button switch, light and durable.


Limit switch: There are limit switch devices on the hanging and hanging, which can automatically stop, prevent the chain from exceeding, and ensure safety.


Chain: High-strength G80 super heat-treated alloy steel chain. Safe to use in rain, sea water, chemicals and other harsh conditions.


Hook: Hot forged, excellent strength, not easy to break. The lower hook can be rotated 360°.





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