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Specification for installation and commissioning of non-standard ultra-long electric hoists

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The standard electric hoist is a specified size and has standardized installation technical requirements, but some users use super-long non-standard products. How to install it? As a manufacturer, let us explain how to install the super long electric hoist?


After the electrical equipment is installed, it needs to be debugged. First, check whether the circuit is complete. If necessary, add temporary wires. Clean up some scattered wires and sundries during the assembly process. Confirm that the control circuit can be connected to 90% and 110% after the power is turned on. The rated point is about 5 times to check whether the components are flexible and meet the requirements of the drawing. After all the installations are completed, first carry out the no-load test - static load test - heavy object test, all qualified and put into use.


The three-step test method is explained in detail below.


No-load test: The no-load test is to carry out lifting up and down without hanging any heavy objects on the hook of the electric hoist, do not exceed the stroke, and go back and forth twice. During the test, check the mechanical and electrical components and devices, and test the three-phase balance of the current. .


Static load test: open the hoisting structure, carry out no-load lifting, there is no abnormal situation, put the electric hoist on the track, smoothly load it to 1.25 times the pulling force, and the suspension time at 150mm from the ground is greater than 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, observe the parts. There is no damage, if there is, it is unqualified.


Dynamic load test: The working performance of the hoisting structure is good, the test load is 110% cycle, the running time is less than 30min, various limit switches, and safety protection devices are reliable, and the parts are not deformed.

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