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Solutions for electric hoist not working properly

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A variety of lifting equipment is used in the lifting industry. The most famous among many equipment is the electric hoist. It has made great contributions to the development of the industry in terms of advantages and functions. Contribution, if the equipment does not work properly, what are the reasons? What skills need to be mastered when buying?

Reasons why the electric hoist cannot operate normally:


In normal operation of the electric hoist, the normally open contact of the button usually causes the contactor to be closed due to moisture conduction, the main circuit is turned on, and it runs on its own. This will cause the hoist hook to collide with the body and deform the body; in serious cases, it will Burn out the motor. Failure of the shutdown limit switch or phase loss will also cause the equipment to malfunction.


The hoist hook collided with the body because of the overload condition, the current will increase multiples in a short period of time; when the stop limit switch is out of phase when starting, the motor cannot start; when the phase is missing during operation, the motor will continue Operation, but the current will increase; in these cases, the thermal relay cannot provide overload protection, because this device has thermal inertia, and the heating element needs some time to heat up. Because the device is intermittent, it cannot be operated for a short time. , So the device will not work properly.


At this time, the user can use a current relay instead of a thermal relay. This current relay has advanced technology, and the contact capacity is large, the action is reliable, and the adjustment value is also convenient. Using this device can cut off the current in time, so Ensure that the electric hoist can operate normally.


Buy tips for electric hoist:


The selection of specifications is very important. When selecting specifications, you need to choose according to your own needs. This selection criterion is whether it can be large or small, because it can be used normally if it is larger than the required specification. If it is small, it will not work, and it is easy to overload. At the same time, it is also optimistic whether the machine head is cracked, because it can be easily broken due to collision during use, which affects the use.


When purchasing, you should also check the integrity of the chain and the accuracy of the length. Pull the chain several times repeatedly to see if the chain is slipping. Finally, check the packaging and voucher to prevent counterfeiting.


This is the relevant introduction of electric hoist. When users use this kind of equipment, they want to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. They must not only pay attention to the methods when using, protect the equipment, but also master the professional selection when buying. Purchasing methods to ensure the overall quality of the equipment, and finally remind everyone that when buying, do not ignore the after-sales service.





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