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Should the gantry crane be manual or electric?

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Gantry crane is a tool used in workshops and warehouses. We can use it to hoist goods or equipment. There are manual and electric tools for this type of tool. So how do we choose when we choose? Which form of product is more suitable for us to use?

1. Consider the actual work situation. If it is a small-tonnage gantry crane, we will be easier when pushing it, while a large-tonnage gantry crane will be more difficult to push, so when you decide to buy a manual or an electric one, you need to consider whether we can push the gantry crane to move.

2. Consider the economic situation. Electric gantry cranes are more expensive than manual gantry cranes, and the larger the tonnage, the higher the price, so everyone needs to consider the price when choosing the product form. And we also need to consider the moving frequency of the gantry crane. If it moves frequently, it is more appropriate to choose an electric one, and if it does not move frequently, it is fine to choose a manual one.

In short, when choosing whether the gantry crane is manual or electric, there are many issues that need to be considered. The problems that will be encountered in the work are comprehensively considered to help us choose a truly suitable gantry crane. You can consult VOHOBOO, and we have professional technical staff to answer you.





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