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Several rules to follow when operating lifting equipment

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Machinery safety management is an important part of machinery management, involving the installation/dismantling, operation, maintenance, maintenance, repair, accident handling and other aspects of machinery. The purpose of machinery safety management is to take appropriate technical measures and organizational measures in the whole process of the machinery life cycle to eliminate various safety hazards, protect the machinery from damage, personnel from injury, and the environment from pollution.

The use of hoisting machinery is a dynamically changing process, which requires us to control the whole process. Strengthen daily inspections to eliminate safety accidents in the bud. Give full play to the technical advantages of equipment supervisors and strengthen the safety supervision and inspection of equipment on the construction site.

Under the premise of strict compliance with various rules and regulations, the crane driver should accomplish the following five points in operation.

1. stable. During the operation of the crane, the driver must start, the brakes should be stable, and the hooks, spreaders and hanging objects should not swing.

2. Accurate. On the basis of stable operation, the hooks, spreaders and hanging objects should be accurately stopped and landed above the designated position.

3. Fast. On the basis of stability and accuracy, coordinate the action of the corresponding yoke mechanism, shorten the working cycle time, ensure that the crane works continuously and improve production efficiency.

4. Security. Ensure that the crane works reliably and effectively in good condition. During operation, strictly implement the crane safety technical operation regulations, and no personal or equipment accidents occur.

5. Reasonable. On the basis of understanding the performance of the crane and the mechanical characteristics of the motor, according to the specific conditions of the lifting object, the controller is correctly operated and reasonable control is achieved.





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