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Several major components of electric chain hoist

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Electric chain hoist, also known as electric chain hoist, is a relatively common type of lifting hoist, which has several types such as fixed type, running type, low headroom type, and two-speed. Generally speaking, the main components of electric chain hoists are divided into several categories.


1. Motor: The motor is generally set with thermal protection function, which can effectively prevent the motor from burning due to excessive temperature.


2. Limiter: The limiter can prevent the chain from exceeding the limit position, causing the hoist to be unusable.


3. Brake: When the motor stops, the brake can support the lifting weight in time and safely.


4. Hooks and chains: Hooks and chains are directly related to the lifting object and are also vulnerable parts. The hooks are made of alloy steel and will not break. The chain is a high-strength lifting chain with long service life.


5. Chain bag: The beautiful and practical chain bag plays the role of storing the chain, and the built-in lubricating oil is used for the oil bath lubrication of the chain, and the maintenance is thoughtful.


The above are the major components of the electric chain hoist introduced by the electric chain hoist manufacturer vohoboo. Do you know all about it? In the process of using the electric hoist, some preliminary understanding of the electric chain hoist can help you to use it more smoothly. If there are some common problems, you can easily deal with them.





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