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Selection of chain hoist motor protector

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At present, the electric chain hoist motor protector has been developed from the past mechanical to electronic and intelligent, which can directly display the motor's current, voltage, temperature and other parameters, sensitivity, high reliability, multiple functions, and easy debugging. After the protection action, the fault types are clear at a glance, which not only reduces the damage of the motor, but also greatly facilitates the judgment of the fault, which is beneficial to the fault treatment at the production site and shortens the recovery time.

Due to the continuous development of insulation technology, both the output and the stacking volume are required in the design of the motor. As a result, the thermal capacity of the new type of chain electric hoist motor is getting smaller and smaller, and the load capacity is getting weaker. It is required that the motor is often operated in a variety of ways such as regenerative starting, braking, forward and reverse, and variable load, which places higher requirements on the motor protection device.

The traditional chain-chain electric hoist motor protection device is mainly a thermal relay, but the thermal relay has low sensitivity, large error, poor stability, and unreliable protection. The fact is the same. Although many devices are equipped with thermal relays, it is still common for motors to be damaged and affect normal production.

The ideal electric chain hoist motor protector is not the most versatile or the so-called advanced, but it should meet the actual needs of the site, achieve unity of economy and reliability, and have a high performance-price ratio. Choose the type and function of the protector reasonably according to the actual situation on the site, and consider the installation, adjustment, and easy use of the protector. It is more important to choose an alternative protector.





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