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Safety rules of electric hoist knowledge points

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Lifting hoists can be divided into electric hoists and chain hoists according to their functions and needs. Because of their simple structure, convenient operation and low cost, they are widely used in machinery, chemical, light industry, railway and other industries. The safety rules of electric hoist are as follows:

1. On-site managers should formulate relevant standards based on factors such as the purpose of the hoist installed on-site, the characteristics of lifting objects and the operating space, and operators should strictly follow the operating standards:

(1) Operators must wear safety helmets and other safety protection labor insurance when lifting operations.

(2) Confirm that the weight of the hoisted object is within the lifting range, without any connection with other objects;

(3) Confirm that the object to be hoisted is placed horizontally and not inclined, and the object hoisting ring should be set at the center of gravity.

(4) Adjust the position of the lifting object and the hook to ensure that they are on the same vertical line when lifting.

(5) It is forbidden to use the tip of the hook to hook the lifting object.

(6) After the hook is hung into the lifting ring, fasten the anti-tripping and straighten out the chain/steel rope.

(7) When hoisting, the operator should select a safe location based on the site space and the moving direction of the hanging object (it is strictly forbidden to operate directly in front of the hanging object where it moves or may shake).

(8) During the hoisting operation, other personnel are forbidden to stay in the operation area, and nothing can be placed under the lifted heavy objects.

2. The electric hoist should be moved to lift the object, and then operate gently after the shaking is stable.

3. The operator should not use the limit switch/limit baffle as a travel switch repeatedly.

4. Do not pull objects or gourds with the power cord of the hand control box.

5. If the hanging object needs to be stabilized by the operator to prevent swaying and collision, the operator should choose a safe position to extend the arm to stabilize the hanging object. When the lifting reaches the height of the operator's shoulder, the operator should let go.

6. During the lifting operation, if abnormalities or failures such as the rotation or tilting of the lifting parts occur, the operation should be stopped immediately, and the operation should be completed after proper handling.

7. When the center of gravity of the hanging object cannot be determined, two lifting points should be set to prevent the hanging object from tilting or turning over and causing danger.

8. When the lifting hoist is not working, the hook and hand control box should be collected, and the load is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air.





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