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Safety points of electric chain hoist

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There are many safety points for electric chain hoists, each of which is very important, so it requires extremely meticulous workers to operate. The workers need to be familiar with these points and be able to operate the electric chain hoist skillfully and correctly.

The safety points of electric chain hoist are as follows:

1. The electric chain hoist must be operated by a special person, and the system of one person and one machine shall be implemented.

2. Before starting, carefully check whether the mechanical, electrical, wire rope, hook, limiter, etc. of the equipment are in good condition and reliable.

3. Do not lift overloaded. When lifting, your hand is not allowed to be held between the chain and the object. When the hanging object rises, it is strictly forbidden to hit the top.

4. When hoisting objects, the safety operation rules of hook hoists must be followed. The binding should be firm, and pads should be provided at the edges and corners of the object for protection.

5. Use the electric switch of the towing line to start, the insulation must be good, press the button correctly, and pay attention to the standing position.

6. When the monorail electric hoist is at the turn of the track or near the end of the track, it must run at a reduced speed.

7. The operator of the electric hoist should stand in a safe position, concentrate, pay close attention to the movement state of the hoisting piece and the conditions of the personnel on the hoisting site, and insist on "jogging" to start the car after safety confirmation.

8. Commanders and hookers should stand in obvious and safe positions. When it is necessary to hold the wire rope by hand, push it with the palm of the hand; when hooking, the hand should hold the outside of the hook.





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