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Safety measures for electric hoist used in flammable and explosive situations

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The electric hoist has the characteristics of light and compact structure, simple and convenient operation, wide range of uses, and many applications. When using electric hoist in flammable and explosive occasions, use explosion-proof electric hoist and take the following safety measures:

1. All electrical components must not have exposed parts.

2. The insulation resistance value of the explosion-proof hoist crane at room temperature is not less than 1.5Ω.

3. The track ground connection resistance is not more than 4Ω.

4. All explosion-proof electrical equipment shall have an explosion-proof certificate issued by the country-designated explosion-proof inspection unit within the validity period.

5. Prevent the danger caused by sparks and dangerous temperature caused by mechanical friction collision, speed limit.

6. There must be no broken wires on the surface of the wire rope.

7. The joints of the running track should be smooth and flat, and there should be no impact when the wheels are running.

8. Hang warning signs, "No collision", "touch the ground", etc.

9. The brakes should be installed inside an explosion-proof enclosure.





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