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Safety management of gantry crane

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The safety management of gantry crane is an important content of machinery management, which involves the installation/dismantling, operation, maintenance, maintenance, repair, accident handling and other aspects of machinery. The purpose of machinery safety management is to take appropriate technical measures and organizational measures in the whole process of the machinery life cycle to eliminate various safety hazards, protect the machinery from damage, personnel from injury, and the environment from pollution.

Due to the particularity of the lifting equipment, in actual use, we should pay more attention to the revision and improvement of safety regulations, rectification and improvement, personnel safety training, and the implementation of safety systems and measures.

For newly-entered machinery and equipment, it is necessary to establish an entry inspection system to check the integrity, safety, qualification and legality of the equipment. That is, the mechanical equipment must be produced by a legal manufacturer with a factory certificate, the appearance of the product is intact, not deformed, and the safety protection device is complete. Anyone who does not meet these four requirements will resolutely refuse to enter.

The use of hoisting machinery is a dynamically changing process, which requires us to control the whole process. Strengthen daily inspections to eliminate safety accidents in the bud. Give full play to the technical advantages of equipment supervisors and strengthen the safety supervision and inspection of equipment on the construction site.

Establish a dynamic database for hoisting machinery management, including the number, type, distribution, source, acceptance or not, installation time, lifting height, and attachment status of the equipment, and periodically make statistics on the nature, category, and frequency of the equipment problems.





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