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Safety Elements of Mini Electric Hoist

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Miniature electric hoist is a representative product of small wire rope electric hoist, and the usage rate is very high in many single-phase electric places such as life and work. The safety issues of miniature electric hoists cannot be ignored. The main safety elements are as follows:

1. The miniature electric hoist has a lifting weight limit. Don't use it with overload, and don't use it when the weight of the hoisted object is unclear. When lifting heavy objects, it is recommended to use pulleys for double rope operation, which can reduce the load on the wire rope and other main parts by 50%.

2. Do not use it continuously for a long time. The miniature electric hoist is designed according to the s3-20% (25%) 10min work system (that is, the work is 2min and the rest is 9min).

3. When the miniature electric hoist is working, it is forbidden to pull the hoisted objects, otherwise the load on the miniature electric hoist will increase, and the miniature electric hoist and wire rope will be easily overloaded.

3. Please do not operate the miniature electric hoist when you are drinking, taking medicine, or being uncomfortable.

14. When the miniature electric hoist is working, please do not work under or around the miniature electric hoist.

15. When lifting objects with miniature electric hoist, make sure to keep at least 3 turns of wire rope on the rope drum. In addition, do not arbitrarily modify or weld the parts of the miniature electric hoist, otherwise it will reduce the safety of the miniature electric hoist and make you in an unsafe state.

4. Keep the working area of the mini electric hoist clean and tidy when using it. Don't let people close, don't let anyone touch the tensioned wire rope, and don't let anyone stand under the operating miniature electric hoist.

5. If you need to just change the wire rope, its model and specifications must be consistent with the original wire rope.

6. When operating the wire rope, please wear thick leather gloves and do not let the wire rope slip through your hands, otherwise the damaged part of the wire rope may stab your hand.

7. After the operation of the miniature electric hoist is completed, when putting the wire rope into the rope drum, please do not directly guide the arrangement of the wire rope by hand.

8. Do not use hooks to hook the wire rope itself, and do not use the wire rope of the miniature electric hoist to tie or tie the hanging objects, otherwise the wire rope will be damaged. Please use other suitable ropes when tethering the suspended objects.

9. The limiter is configured as a safety device, which can ensure that the lifting circuit is automatically cut off when the hook rises to the limit position. Please do not use the stopper as a travel switch.

10. Don't use the miniature electric hoist to lift people or use it in manned elevators. This miniature electric hoist cannot be used to lift people.

11. The selection of the installation position of the miniature electric hoist should make the warning signs and knowledge signs in a conspicuous state, because it needs to be operated correctly according to relevant standards.

12. Make sure to operate the mini electric hoist without any obstacles.

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