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Rules for the use of chain hoists

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The lifting crane must be within the rated capacity and not overloaded.


The safety clutch protects the body and cannot be used as a limit switch.


The chain cannot be used as a spreader.


When unloading the lower hook device after unloading, it should be noted that the lower hook device cannot be twisted, otherwise the chain will be stuck at the entrance due to distortion.


When operating the flashlight door, the contact of the button cannot be left off, the indicator button may be cremated and damaged prematurely. If the direction of the arrow of the flashlight and the direction of the hoist movement are not the same, you need to adjust the phase sequence Helps to be consistent.


The "up" and "down" movements of operating the hook are achieved by pressing the corresponding buttons on the flashlight. When using JPKK gourds, the "four tolerances" should be strictly observed.

1. The decisive chain exits the slot;

2. Decide to use the chain as a sling;

3. Never press two flashlight buttons that move in opposite directions at the same time;

4. Never pull the electric door and cable to move the hoist


If you want to push a small car, you can push a low load, but you must take safety precautions. You can also pull the empty hook that is not working. Never place the top of the hook unit by hand or touch a chain that is running slowly.


After the work is completed, the empty hook should be raised to a height of more than 2m above the ground, and the power should be cut off.





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