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Relevant requirements and scrap of electric hoist hook

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There are many parts that make up the electric hoist, wire rope, motor, cover, hook, electrical appliances, etc., each part plays an important role. The relevant requirements for the hook of the electric hoist are as follows:

1. The hook of the hook should be able to flexibly rotate within 360° in the horizontal plane and greater than 180° in the vertical direction.

2. The surface of the hook should be smooth, and no defects such as peeling, sharp corners, burrs, breaks, wrinkles and knife marks are allowed.

3. The hook thread should be smooth and free of burrs, and no damage, breakage and dents are allowed.

4. The hook and its accessory parts should be scrapped when one of the following situations occurs:

(1) Cracks.

(2) The dangerous section wears up to 10% of the original size.

(3) The opening degree is increased by 15% compared to the original size.

(4) The torsional deformation exceeds 10°C.

(5) Plastic deformation of the dangerous section or neck of the hook.

(6) Any cracks and deformation of nuts and hook beams.

5. Welding repair of defects on the hook is not allowed.





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