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Quality requirements for electric hoist installation

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Electric hoist is a kind of lifting equipment that combines lifting and walking. The lifting part is composed of three parts. The conical rotor motor at one end transmits power to the reducer at the other end through the spline sleeve and the transmission shaft. The power is transmitted to the wire rope drum in the middle, and the wire rope drum drives the wire rope and hooks for lifting operations. The main body of the electric hoist is hung on a traveling trolley, which moves forward and backward under the I-beam of the crane girder for in-position operation. In order to ensure the safety of use, electric hoist installation has certain quality requirements, the main requirements are as follows:

1. The installation of the wire rope and hook should be carried out in accordance with the winding method specified in the equipment technical document. The fixing method of the wire rope head, the drum body and the hook, and the tightening of the fasteners should be strictly in accordance with the technical document standards.

Two: A comprehensive inspection should be carried out after the installation is completed, the inspection contents are as follows:

1. Whether the electric device of the electric hoist is suitable for the current type and working voltage of the installation site.

2. Whether the electrical circuit connection is correct and reliable.

3. When selecting the power supply cable, it must be ensured that the power supply at the motor inlet end is not less than 90% of the rated voltage.

4. The wire rope lock must be firm.

5. Whether the movement of the limit device is correct, flexible and reliable.

6. Whether all lubricating parts are filled with enough lubricating oil.

Electric hoist is a branch of hoisting machinery, hoisting machinery is used for vertical lifting or vertical lifting and moving heavy objects horizontally.





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