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Quality management of electric hoist

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The quality management of electric hoists includes quality objectives, quality management systems and quality management measures. The main requirements are as follows:

Quality objectives: During the construction of this project, we will organize construction strictly in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system to ensure that the quality of the project meets the contract requirements, and the one-time delivery pass rate is 100%.

Quality management system: In order to ensure that the construction quality of this installation project meets the requirements of the contract, the ISO9001:2000 "Quality Management System" standard will be fully implemented during the construction and service of this project, combined with the actual situation of the project, to establish a sound and effective quality management and Quality Assurance System.

Quality management measures: In order to strictly implement our company's quality policy and achieve the project quality goals, the quality management of the project must comply with this management measure to ensure the quality of the project. To this end, our company implements a full-staff quality responsibility management system for the project, clarifies its own quality responsibilities, and strictly implements the "three inspection system" and corrective and preventive measures during construction, strengthens quality supervision and control of common problems in construction quality. To ensure the achievement of quality goals.

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