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Protection and placement method of electric hoist finished product

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Electric hoists provide great convenience for hoisting operations and greatly improve the efficiency of operations. In recent years, the installation and use of electric hoists are rapidly increasing. The protection and placement methods for the finished products of electric hoists are as follows:

1. The electric hoist and its parts and special tools should be kept properly, and they should not be deformed, damaged, corroded, disordered or lost. Stacking equipment and accessories should be kept away from moisture; the equipment and accessories should be stored separately.

2. When the weather conditions do not meet the requirements of electric hoist installation, measures should be taken before the corresponding process construction can be carried out.

3. When installing electric hoist and accessories, handle with care, and choose hoisting points for heavy lifting. The strapping place of the rope on the equipment accessories should be soft cushioned and installed in order to avoid rework.

4. The installation site should be cleaned up, lighting, water supply and drainage should be unobstructed, and the vulnerable parts of the outer surface of the equipment should be covered with temporary protective covers. No items or load-bearing should be placed on the equipment, and it should be closed.

5. The combined parts of the assembled components should be marked immediately and kept properly.

6. When using a building structure as a bearing point for lifting and handling equipment, the bearing capacity of the structure should be calculated.





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