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Professional introduction about the use of electric hoist

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Electric hoist can be said to be a special kind of many lifting equipments. Unlike wire hoist and explosion-proof hoist, electric hoist has great differences in structure, characteristics, operating conditions, parameters and scope of use, so it is decided that There are different precautions for the use of types of gourds.

Precautions for use 1: Professional operation

Operators who operate electric hoists need professional system training before they can take up positions. It is important to know that in crane operation, not only is it so simple to operate hoists, but also to learn to operate the entire crane. As long as it is trained in the crane safety technology operation specification course, and it is necessary to obtain the "special personnel operation certificate" unique to the crane operation industry in order to work, this is a basic requirement for electric hoist commanders;

Precautions for use 2: inspection work

The electric hoist is a part of the crane and belongs to the typical aerial work. Safety work must be done well. Therefore, before the equipment is started to operate, a full set of inspection work needs to be done. The main inspection direction is whether the equipment parts are firm or broken. Parts, in addition to the need to check whether the reducer and wire rope are in a normal state;

Precautions for use 3: personnel safety guarantee

The crane has a prescribed safety range and danger range during work. It is strictly forbidden for people to enter within the danger range. For example, directly under the crane, it belongs to the danger zone, and these places should be specially cared for;

Precautions for use 4: Correct installation

The safe use of electric hoist must be based on the premise of correct installation, which mainly includes whether the hoist is placed correctly, whether the cargo carried on the hoist is bundled in the correct way, and whether it meets the crane lifting specifications;

Precautions for use 5: Construction is not allowed in haze

Under the condition of low weather visibility, the crane cannot enter the construction, mainly because when the electric hoist is carrying the cargo, the carrier needs to rely on the signal light to understand the distance of the carried cargo, so as to make a correct judgment;

Precautions for use 6: The cargo cannot be parked in mid-air

In the use of electric hoist, once it needs to stop working, whether the crane cargo has just been transported, or it has been transported halfway, in this case, it needs to be transported to the end, and it cannot be stopped in the air halfway.

The above content is some precautions that the operator needs to pay attention to during the use of the electric hoist, to understand these things, effectively reduce the risk of equipment operation.






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