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Professional angle comparison chain hoist and wire rope electric hoist

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There are many differences between the electric chain hoist and the electric wire hoist from the shape to the characteristic application. Today, the following aspects will be compared in detail:


The main components of the chain hoist are electric motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket, and the winding device is a chain; the main components of the wire rope electric hoist are electric motor, transmission mechanism and reel, and the winding device is steel wire rope. Wherein, the width of the sprocket is 1.6 times of the width of the chain, and the wire rope needs to be completely wound on the reel at least three times in the case of a large lifting height to ensure stability, so the wire rope electric hoist is large in terms of volume. In the same specification of the chain hoist, sometimes even a dozen times larger.

2.raise the height

The wire rope electric hoist relies on the reel to drive the wire rope to lift, and in this process, the wire rope is subjected to pressure on one side of the reel and the other side is subjected to tension. Under the action of the two forces, the wire rope is easily deformed, and this The deformation is inversely proportional to the diameter of the drum, so according to the design specifications, the diameter of the drum is at least 20 times the diameter of the rope. The chain hoist is different. Because it relies on the sprocket to drive the chain to lift and lower, the chain is mainly subjected to tensile force. For this reason, the sprocket socket can be used to reduce the extrusion strength. Generally, the sprocket is nested. It is 5 to 6. Comparing the two, it can be seen that the diameter of the wire rope electric hoist drum and pulley block is much larger than the chain hoist sprocket and the combined diameter, that is, under the same specification, the height of the track hoist of the same height will be greater than that of the wire rope hoist.

3.running distance

The wire rope electric hoist must be parallel to the center line of the running track. If the chain hoist adopts the parallel installation method, the running distance will be much larger than that of the wire rope electric hoist due to its size advantage. In addition, the axis of the chain hoist can also be tracked with the track. The center line is 90 degrees, which is convenient and flexible. Especially when the lifting height is large, the wire rope electric hoist reel has a large size, and this difference will be more obvious.


The wire rope electric hoist relies on the winding of the wire rope on the reel for lifting control. With the axial arrangement of the wire rope, the hook will also produce horizontal displacement along the axial direction, and the displacement is proportional to the lifting height. When the degree of elevation is large, the error will become more apparent. The hook of the chain hoist is always along the plumb line of the chain, and there is very little horizontal displacement, which enables precise positioning.


The modification of the chain hoist is very convenient. It has nothing to do with the lifting height. The different chain hoist models have the same design. It can be realized by changing the length of the chain during the modification. It can also be directly welded by the professional technician on the short chain. Extending measures, this design operation is very simple. In contrast, the wire rope electric hoist model is closely related to the lifting height, and it is not easy to implement the modification work as the former. If the height changes, the corresponding model will be idle and waste, and the depreciation will be increased.

6. anti-slanting ability

According to the relevant technical specifications, the electric hoist should be in a vertical or horizontal state during use, to avoid the situation of obliquely pulling heavy objects, but in practical application summary, the electric hoist is inevitable, the wire rope electric hoist and the running car The connection method is rigid. It is easy to cause damage to the rope guide when the diagonal tension is too large. If the device fails to stop in time, the motor may be broken, resulting in damage to the entire wire rope electric hoist. The manufacturer will specify in the product manual that the wire rope electric hoist should be in the range of 3.5 degrees.

7.winding device

The wire rope electric hoist winding device is a steel wire rope, which has a certain rigidity, and is easy to be grooved under the condition of no-load. When the small weight is lifted or the heavy object is transported outside the support, the situation is more likely to occur, resulting in chaotic rope. problem. The chain hoist winding device is a chain, the winding method is hinged, and there is no rigidity, and the above phenomenon does not occur.

8. the principle of mechanics

In the process of electric hoist lifting, the wire rope is subjected to tension on one side, and the pressure is on one side. In order to avoid the performance of the wire rope and the service life of the wire rope, the wire rope is wound on the reel and the rope wheel in the same direction, so that the pressure is resistant. One side is always under pressure and the side that is subjected to tension is always under tension. The chain hoist does not need to consider this problem. The winding direction of the chain on the sprocket can be set arbitrarily, the flexibility is high, and the structure is reasonable, and this is one of the reasons for the small overall volume of the chain hoist.

9. the service life

Wire ropes equipped with electric hoists tend to be thinner, and the lifting equipment itself may work in harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, acid mist, and high temperature. In this case, the fine steel wire is prone to breakage and shorten the use of the wire rope. The life span may also lead to accidents, and the cross-section of the chain hoist wire is relatively large. The core material is often selected to withstand high temperature and oxidation, and it is not easy to produce large changes in harsh environments.

It can be seen from the above analysis that under the same specifications, the chain hoist has advantages in lifting height, running distance, positioning, etc. At the same time, it is easy to modify, has long service life and low potential risk, and is more suitable for bad weather.

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