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Precautions in gantry crane circuit installation

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As long as it is power-driven machinery and equipment, it will involve circuit installation, as well as gantry cranes. After all, gantry cranes are large and heavy equipment. Do you need to pay attention to the process of circuit installation?


The first is about the installation of the control circuit. The control circuit of the gantry crane should ensure that the control performance meets the requirements of mechanical and electrical systems. There must be no problems such as error circuits, parasitic circuits, and false circuits. Because the gantry crane remote control circuit and automatic control circuit can control any mechanism, once the control fails, it will automatically stop working.

It is the electromagnet circuit of the hoisting, especially on the AC gantry crane. The hoisting electromagnet should be provided with a dedicated DC power supply system. If necessary, it should also have a backup power supply to ensure foolproofness.





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