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Precautions for using single beam bridge crane

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A crane is needed in many places such as factories, workshops, warehouses, or stock yards. Speaking of which, some staff should think of single-girder bridge cranes. Because it is widely used at present, the use of single-girder bridge cranes not only improves work efficiency, but also greatly saves unnecessary capital for hiring many employees. Many staff who have already purchased cranes will pay particular attention to some details when using them, namely the following points of attention: Notes for using single-girder bridge cranes


1. Pay attention to the operating rules. Before working, it is better to check whether the single-girder bridge crane has oil leakage. If there is, it must be dealt with in time. Then check whether the equipment in each position has any faults, and check it carefully, especially if the brakes are flexible. Furthermore, it is necessary to check whether the switch and operating handle of the applicable single-beam bridge crane are in the specified position, whether the lubrication and lubrication system are normal, and whether the electric bell, limiter, control rod, and emergency switch are not malfunctioning. . It is better to check the safety protection device of the single-beam bridge crane to see if it is firm. If the steel rope is damaged, or if it comes out of the pulley and the hook nut is loose, you need to deal with it urgently. You need to check whether the empty car is running normally before working.


2. When working, you must follow the crane's "nine no-hanging" principle. When working, you must pay attention to the working conditions of the single-girder bridge crane. If there is an abnormal situation, you need to stop and check immediately, not careless. The principle of "nine non-hanging" must be implemented. Objects with explosive properties should not be hanged. Someone under the hanging objects should not cross their heads. Objects with water chestnuts should not be hanged if sufficient binding measures are not taken. If the hanging objects are viewed from above Don’t hang it at will. Don’t hang people standing on it. Don’t hang the object if it’s not fastened. Don’t hang it if it’s overloaded. Don’t hang obliquely. It’s also not obvious that the rope is knotted or broken. Not to be lifted.


3. Strict attention should be paid to the operation of the crane. Generally, when the single-beam bridge crane is operating normally, it is strictly forbidden to cut off the current through the limit switch. And it is strictly forbidden to carry out all overhauls and adjustments during operation. If there are warning signals around, it is necessary to immediately stop the suspended objects to continue moving. After the single-girder bridge crane is stopped, it is also strictly forbidden to place the lifting objects in the air. Regarding the specific situations of the efficient daily maintenance methods of single-girder bridge cranes, through the above explanation, I believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of this issue. The maintenance of the crane must be started at ordinary times. Pay more attention to the conditions mentioned above. Not only will it delay the service life of the crane, but it will also provide a guarantee for everyone's safety.





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