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Precautions for the use of explosion-proof chain hoists

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1. Keep the equipment clean. Chains, conductors, guide frames, etc. must be kept clean, especially in the working environment with more impurities, iron filings and dirt must be cleaned up in time.

2. The whole equipment should be kept clean and tidy. The explosion-proof chain hoist machine, accessories, cables, etc. should be neat and organized, so that there will be no accidental breaking of the wires or the occurrence of the hoist body hitting other equipment.

3. Refuel or change the oil on time, and avoid dry chain friction. In the maintenance section, we mentioned that after a period of use, the chain should be frequently observed for oil shortage and dry friction. Lubricating the chain regularly through brushes, rags, etc. can not only reduce the noise when the hoist is running, but also reduce the dry wear of the chain.

4. The hoisting load must be within the specified range of the hoist, and overload and overload operation should not occur.

5. It is not allowed to carry people on the lifting objects, and it is also warned not to use the electric hoist as the lifting crane of the elevator to carry people.

6. No one is allowed under the lifting object.

7. Lifting objects and hooks cannot be lifted in a shaking state.

8. Please move the gourd to the top of the object and then lift it, do not lift it diagonally.

9. The limiter cannot be used repeatedly as a travel switch.

10. Do not lift objects connected to the ground.

11. Please do not excessively jog the operation.

12. Do not pull other objects in front of the door wire with a flashlight.

13. Be sure to disconnect the power before repairing and checking.

14. Repair and maintenance operations must be carried out under no-load conditions.




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