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Precautions during idle period of the crane

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Since many users have little knowledge of the storage and storage of cranes, the cranes have suffered varying degrees of damage even during periods of inactivity. This once again reminds the users that scientific and reasonable storage and maintenance is also very important for the crane.

The first thing to know is that the crane can not enter the storage stage at any time. If you want to store it for a long time, you must do adequate maintenance work before it, such as repairing or replacing the damaged parts in the crane. Thoroughly clean all corners of the crane to ensure it is clean and of good performance.


In addition, the part of the metal shell of the crane should be touch-painted or simply repainted; and some exposed metal structures should be buttered to prevent rust during long-term storage.

For the entire crane, the engine is one of the core devices, so pay attention to this requirement when storing and storing. It is necessary to discharge the cooling water in the crane engine and replace it with new engine oil to prevent corrosion of the metal structure. At the same time, the fuel tank of the crane is filled with diesel fuel to prevent the fuel tank from rusting.


There are also strict requirements for the storage and storage space of the crane. Try to store it in a dry and free space. After determining the specific location, put the wooden board on the ground to park the crane. Don't forget to cover the crane body to protect it from dust.


At this stage of idleness of the crane, it is also necessary to start its engine on a regular basis, as much as possible for one month. The purpose is to enable the various components of the crane to operate to obtain a new oil film to prevent rust.





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