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Permanent magnet jacks are not demagnetized and the magnetic poles are not synchronized

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Permanent magnet jacks are also called permanent magnet hangers, magnetic hoists, magnetic jacks, lifting magnets, lifting permanent magnets, permanent magnets, etc. It has the characteristics of small size, stronger holding force, almost zero remanence, and high safety factor. It is a lifting tool suitable for the lifting and handling of steel plates at room temperature in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, automobile and other industries. How to deal with the non-demagnetization and non-synchronization of the magnetic poles of the suction cup of the permanent magnet jack:

1. During the use of permanent magnet jacks, sometimes the crane hook is not lowered in place, causing the rotating arm to be lifted before it falls on the inverted top plate. In this way, it is possible that the pawls of a certain group of the two sets of pawl and ratchets skip a tooth on the ratchet wheel, thereby causing the two sets of pawl and ratchets to be out of synchronization. At this time, one end of the permanent magnet jack is demagnetized, and the other end is still magnetized, and the phenomenon of being unable to demagnetize appears. When re-lifting, the lifting capacity is seriously reduced.

2. The permanent magnet lifter will collapse from the object to be lifted when lifting the thin plate or overloading. At this time, it is easy to cause the two sets of magnetic poles to be out of sync. One end will be demagnetized, and the other end will still be magnetized, and it will not be able to demagnetize. Re-lift When the lifting capacity is severely reduced.

3. If the above phenomenon occurs, please check whether the spindle synchronization marks are consistent. If they are inconsistent, be sure to refer to the spindle synchronization method for adjustment. It can be used after adjustment, otherwise it cannot be used.





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